The National Fire Protection Associations claimed that water heaters were to blame for the reported fires at 11% by home heating devices. Though this does not really mean that water heaters are naturally hazardous, this is somewhat a reminder that neglecting and improper use of water heater can potentially result in extreme issues over time.  


Given this notion, it would be best to learn about the ways to avoid fires because of water heaters. After reading this article, we hope that the following tips won’t just get you thinking about your water heater, but also to be more proactive and to take concrete steps to prevent any water heater issues in the future. However, if you think your water heater needs to be fixed ASAP, water heater repair Las Vegas is a must.  

Make sure the area is ventilated well 

Since a lot of water heaters can be found in garages, chances are high that the property owner may utilize a flammable material within the area at some point. This could be filling your lawnmower with gas, using varnish, or just painting. Regardless of what situation you are in, you always need to guarantee that the place is ventilated enough so that there won’t be a risk of combusting fumes, which can cause a fire. 

Guarantee that the area surrounding your water heater is debris-free 

Generally, the water heater will require a “breathing room” so that there’s an ample amount of ventilation accessible for the pilot assembly to properly burn. Once the airflow gets blocked by clutter and debris stacked surrounding the water heater, this could make the heater to not properly work and that can be a fire risk.  

Know the right way to switch off your water heater 

This can be beneficial for several reasons. However, it’s particularly helpful when it comes to fire prevention and danger. This is because when you can observe a gas leak or smell gas in your water heater, you’ll need to have the gas switched off immediately. 

Flammable material should be kept away from water heaters 

This is a major life-saving tip that most of us forget. In fact, it was stated that the Rocky Fire was partly because of flammable materials that were kept close to water heaters. These were ignited, hence, it can take part in making a massive fire. Thus, you need to guarantee that you keep all of your flammable materials like gas and paint cans and even oily rags far away from your water heater.  

Have your water heater inspected once a year 

Most people fail to consider that their water heater also needs to be maintained until it’s too late—either they have found out a leak or it doesn’t work anymore. However, it is definitely worth it to have an expert come over your house annually and guarantee that your water heater doesn’t have any issues while inspecting for possible issues that can eventually happen in due course. In this thorough checkup, a small issue may be seen and immediately fixed before it can be a major fire risk.